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收信人:Lily 發信人:Mary 發信日期:2006年4月18日 內容:Mary給Lily留便條告知她們的人事經理Mr.Steward將因公在上海逗留5天。要Lily幫忙訂一張4月20日從北京到上海的機票送到Mr.Steward辦公室。
同時向假日酒店電話預訂一間帶洗澡間的單人房.日期從4月20到24日。 April 18, 2006 Lily; Our Personnel Manager Mr. Steward will be in Shanghai on business for five days. Please reserve a plane ticket from Beijing to Shanghai on April 20 for Mr. Steward and then send it to his office, and call to hook a single room in Holiday Hotel, with bath, from April 20 to April 24 inclusive. Thank you very much.
【難點分析】 便條是一種簡單的書信。雖然內容簡單。但卻有其獨特的風格。主要目的是為了盡快把最新的信息、通知、要求或者活動的時間、地點轉告給對方。常見的便條有收條、欠條、留言和請假條等。
日期部分可寫在便條的右上角。日期的簽署通常只需寫星期幾或星期幾的上午、下午,也可只寫上午或下午或具體時間。只寫日期也可以。便條結尾須署上留條人的姓名,位置在正文的右下角。便條的形式和內容都很簡潔,故可以用幾句話概括,正文語言要盡量通俗口語化,簡單扼要,直截了當,無需使用客套語言。便條雖簡單,但務必突出中心,更要注明活動的時間及地點。便條內容和類型不盡相同,可以靈活變通。但各類便條必須包括以下幾個基本要素:1.Date(便條日期);2.Salutation(稱呼);3.Body(正文);4.Signature(署名) 說明:請按照下列提示,以總經理秘書孫玉的身份填寫一份會議議程安排。
會議時間:2006年12月10日下午3點 會議地點:公司多功能會議廳 參與者:總經理王明銷售部經理李飛生產部經理劉力采購部經理張華 會議記錄:孫玉 會議議程: 1.宣讀、確認并簽署了上次會議記錄 2.總經理聽取了各部門工作匯報 3.總經理宣布了公司的假期時間:7月5日-7月16日 4.無進一步問題討論,會議于下午4點結束 Words for reference:多功能multifunctional采購purchase聽取匯報hear the report from.

Minutes Time:__________ Place:__________ of the company Participants: 1. ____________________ 2. Li Fei, sales manager 3. Liu Li, production manager 4.____________________ 5. Sun Yu, minutes keeper Agenda: 1.____________________ 2.____________________ 3.____________________ 4.____________________ Minutes Time:
3:00 p.m. on December 10, 2006 Place: multifunctional meeting room of the company Participants: 1. Wang Ming, general manager 2. Li Fei, sales manager 3. Liu Li, production manager 4. Zhang Hua, purchase manager 5. Sun Yu, minutes keeper Agenda: 1. The minutes of the last meeting were read, confirmed and signed. 2. The general manager heard the working report from the department managers. 3. The general manager announced the dates of the company's holidays: 5th to 16th July. 4. No further business. The meeting ended at
4:00 p.m.
【難點分析】 本文要求填制一份會議記錄。會議記錄一般包括會議時間、地點、出席人、缺席人、會議議程等等。
就本題目而言,中文表達均已給出,考生只要將其合理地表達成英文即可。注意時間和地點的表達方式,另外還有個別單詞或詞組的翻譯.如“聽取匯報”為hear the report from?。 說明:假定你是一名大學生,叫李玉(女),月收入在500元以下。于2006年7月5日去超市購物,臨走時填了一份問卷調查表。
宅云视频app 內容如下: 1.每月大概光臨該超市3次 2.對超市的總體管理感到滿意 3.認為超市工作人員的服務態度很好 4.建議:

A.超市的購物環境有待改善,因為播放的音樂過于吵鬧。 B.建議增加收銀機,節約顧客等待時間。 C.鑒于學生支出有限.建議超市能對學生給予更大折扣。 Words for reference:收銀機the cash register支出expenditure Questionnaire To improve the quality of our service, we would be grateful if you'd complete the following questionnaire. Name:__________Sex:__________ Profession:__________Month salary:__________ Date of filling in:__________ How often would you come to our supermarket for shopping? Are you satisfied with our overall administration? What do you think of our supermarket service? Have you any other comments to help us to improve our service? Questionnaire To improve the quality of our service, we would be grateful if you'd complete the following questionnaire. Name: Li Yu Sex: female Profession: college student Month salary: less than 500RMB Date of filling in: July 5, 2006 How often would you come to our supermarket for shopping? 3 times per month. Are you satisfied with our overall administration? Yes. What do you think of our supermarket service? Good. Have you any other comments to help us to improve our service? 1. I think the shopping environment need to be improved because the music here is too noisy. 2. It is advisable to increase the number of the cash registers in order to save the consumers' time. 3. I hope more discount can be given to students for they have limited expenditure.
【難點分析】 本文是一份問卷調查表。
說明:請按照下述要求,寫一封邀請函。 發信人:Harold 收信人:Jimmy 內容: 1.邀請Jimmy來參加家里舉辦的一個小型舞會以慶祝20周年結婚紀念日; 2.只準備邀請幾位老朋友,希望Jimmy能攜妻子Emma參加; 3.時間定在下周六,6月10日晚上7點;

4.知道他們很忙,但希望他們能設法來參加,并熱切盼望其到來。 寫信日期:2006年6月1日 Words for reference:結婚紀念wedding anniversary 盼望look forward to __________________________________ _____________________________________ ____________________________________ June 1, 2006 Dear Jimmy, My wife and I are going to have a small dancing party to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary at are going to invite some old friends and hope you and Emma can come. The time is next Saturday, June 10,at
7:00 pro. I know you have been very busy recently, but I do hope you can manage it. We are looking forward to your coming with great pleasure. Yours affectionately, Harold
【難點分析】 本文要求寫一篇邀請函,其目的是邀請對方參與某項活動、慶典、聚會等等。邀請信分為兩種:一種叫做請柬(Invitation Card),常采用嚴謹而固定的格式,適用于嚴肅而莊重的場合;一種是一般的邀請信,多用于朋友、熟人和親戚之間。
其寫作步驟一般如下: 1.說明邀請的原因; 2.誠摯地表達邀請之情; 3.提供相關活動的時間、地點、注意事項等; 4.請求給予回復。 一就本文而言,考生要做的就是依照題意對內容進行合理的表達。
由于本文屬于朋友之間的非正式邀請,因此,考生寫作時應注意語氣的恰當,不宜過于正式但是要表現出誠懇和熱情。 一般常用的邀請信函的表達有: 1.I'd like?非常希望?? 2.request the pleasure of??恭請?? 3.The favor of a reply is requested.敬賜復函。 4.The evening will be held in?on?晚會定于??在??舉行 5.We are looking forward to?我們期待著?? 6.We sincerely hope you can attend.我們期待您的光臨。
7.We have decided to have a party in honor of the occasion.為此我們決定舉辦一次晚會。
宅云视频app 8.Please confirm your participation at your earliest convenience.是否參加,請早日告之。

包括以下內容: 收信人:所有銷售部員工 發信人:Jim Green(銷售部經理) 內容:為了提高銷售部員工的水平,要求所有銷售部門員工參加一期銷售培訓課程。課程主要包括外語知識、銷售規劃、外貿函電寫作等。課程從2006年6月26日開始,為期一周。
地點為公司培訓中心。希望員工按時參加。 Words for reference:銷售規劃sales program 培訓中心training center Date: June 19, 2006 To: All staff in Sales Department From: Jim Green (sales manager) Subject: Course on sales training In order to improve our competence, we decide that all staff in our department are required to take a course on sales training. The trainings-mainly concerns with skills in foreign languages, sales program and business letter writing. The course will begin on June 26, 2006 at our training center, lasting for a week. It will be appreciated if everyone can attend it on time.
【難點分析】 備忘錄是一種正式的專業文件。
宅云视频app備忘錄通常用于提醒、督促收信人,或就某個問題提出自己的意見或看法。在業務上.它一般用來補充正式文件的不足。備忘錄簡潔短小.各部分題目雖然看上去有些唐突,但它們可以使讀者對事情有個大致了解并快速做出反應。一般用于公司內部的備忘錄的常用格式為: Date(日期):__________ To(收信人):__________ From(發信人):__________ Subject(事由):____________________ ____________________________________________________________(正文部分) 就本文而言,除了要掌握備忘錄的格式.在內容方面要注意涵蓋說明中所有表達要點,一般包括who,what, when, where和why這5個要素。

說明:請按照下面的中文提示,以中國學生王小明(男)的身份填寫下列XXX大學入學申請表格。具體信息如下: 出生日期:1975年8月20日 聯系地址:廣州市中山路710號 聯系電話:020—61006571 個人情況說明:本人畢業院校和目前就職情況,所要申請的專業,個人學習興趣以及希望對方提供的信息等。
Application Form Family name: __________ First name: __________ Date of Birth: __________ Nationality: __________ Sex: __________ Telephone number: __________ Address: Please write about your educational background and work experience, the university and the major you want to apply and the information you want to know. (about 50 words) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Application Form Family name: Wang First name: Xiaoming Date of Birth: August 20, 1975 Nationality: Chinese Sex: Male Telephone number: 020-61006571 Address: 710 Zhongshan Road, Guangzhou City Please write about your educational background and work experience, the university and the major you want to apply and the information you want to know. (about 50 words) I graduated from Beijing Normal University,. And I am currently an English teacher at Guangzbou University. I request admission into the Department of English Language and Literature at your University. It is my long-time desire to pursue comparative study of Chinese and Western literature. And I shall appreciate it if I can get more information about the financial aid.
【難點分析】 本文要求填寫一份出國留學申請表格。前半部分比較簡單,只要將題目中的信息一一對應地翻譯出來即可。難點在于對教育背景、個人工作經歷以及所需要進一步獲取的信息的寫作。對此,考生可以按照自己的真實情況來寫,也可以虛構.但是注意必須包含文章所要求的要點。

True friends 1)朋友在人們生活中有重要作用。 2)有些人為了利益而交朋友。 3)患難中的朋友才是整整的朋友。 Friends play an important part in everyone’s life. Some people make friends for their own benefits. A friend in need is a friend in deed. 1)Friends influence your development, maturity and sense of responsibility. 2)These people are not reallyfriends. They only want to be your friends if it is to their advantage. By this time you should know who are your true friends. 3)A true friend is eager to help you whenever necessary. You can consider yourself very lucky if you have one true friend. You and your true friend have a good understanding of each other My college life 1)進入大學一切都那么新鮮 2)大學生活與中學生活完全不同 3)大學生活是我們人生中的一個重要階段。
Everything seems fresh to me when I entered the college. My college life is entirely different from the the life in high school. College life is an important stage in my life. The campus looked very large and there were so many buildings. I was very excited and curious when the first class began. I have a great number of new schoolmates who came from different parts of the country. In the library, there were so many books and several bright reading-rooms. I was determined to study hard. I lived at the dormitory, not at home, as did in high school. The great difference, I feel, is that at college I should study all by myself. It is in college that I began to live and study by myself, even plan further for myself. Meanwhile, in college I will change and become matured and fully grown up, both physically and mentally

Sports and health 1)健康是非常重要的 2)運動讓我們保持健康。 3)我們應該參加運動。 Everyone knows how important health is. Sports help everyone to keep healthy. A healthy person can always be energetic, challenge all hardships and enjoy life to its best. Poor in health, a person can not achieve much success though he is well educated. Physical exercise can not only increase our appetite, strengthen our body but also make us sound. Leaving your TV and computer aside and come out. In winter,?.. And swimming may become your favorite in summer. In one word, good health relies on sports. 英語三級作文表達個人觀點的句型 1. As far as I am concerned, I agree with the latter opinion to some extent. 2. As far as I am concerned, I am really/completely in favor of the test/policy. 3. In conclusion/a word, I believe that?. 4. There is some truth in both arguments, but I think the disadvantages of? outweigh its advantages. 5. In my opinion/view, we should?. 6. As for me, I?. 7. As I see it, ?. 8. From my point of view, ?. 9. Personally, I think?. 10. My view is that?. 11. I think/consider?. 12. I take/hold a negative/positive view of?. 英語三級作文議論文開頭句型 我們常說,良好的開端等于成功的一半。
做事如此,作文也是如此。所以我們頗有必要在作文的開頭花一番心思。 在寫議論文時,你通常以什么樣的方式開頭呢。最簡單也最常用的可能就是開門見山法。
也就是說——直截了當地提出你對這個問題的觀點,點出文章的中心思想。 I....has both advantages and disadvantages.??既有利又有弊。例如: 1.Obviously television has both advantages and disadvantages. 2.Living in a city has both advantages and disadvantages. 3.Compared with cars,bikes have their advantages and disadvantages. 舉一反三:

1.Although computers bring people a lot of convenience,they have many disadvantages. 2....has many advantages.For example,...However,just as every coin has two sides,...has its disadvantages.(本例將利弊分開講,轉折過渡自然。
just as every coin has two sides也很值得背誦。) II..play(s)an important role /part in...?在?中扮演重要角色/起重要作用。例如: 1.Computers play an important role in science and technology. 2.Computers play a more and more important role in our life. Computers play an increasingly important role in our studies. 3.Education plays an important part in developing our mind. 4.Addiction to alcohol and drugs play a role in homelessness. 舉一反三: 1.Advertisement plays an informative role in our daily life. 2.In the past,letters played a decisive role in long-distance communication.But now telephone,email,fax have taken their place. III.With the development of...,隨著??的發展,例如: 1.With the development of our economy,m any Chinese families can afford a car. 2.With the development of our economy and society,pollution is more and more serious. 3.With the rapid development of science and technology,people can get a college degree by taking online-courses at home. 4.With the current social and technological developments,employees with more knowledge and higher academic degrees are needed. 舉一反三: 1.With the rapid increase of China's population,housing problem is becoming more and more serious. 隨著中國人口的急劇增加,住房問題越來越突出。 2.With more and more women entering society,people's attitude towards women is changing. 隨著越來越多的婦女走入社會,人們對婦女的態度也在改變。 3.With the deepening of Chinese reform and opening up,an increasing number of Chinese families can afford a car. 隨著中國改革開放的深入,越來越多的中國家庭買得起車了。
(“越來越多”除了常用的more and more外,還可以用an increasing number of, a growing number of,a significant number of,a great number of等來表達。) 本結構看似固定,實則富于變化,只要記住with有“隨著”的意思,相信大家可以根據實際的需要造出更多的句子。 我們已經看到,開門見山的開頭使論文直切主題,直白明確地提出了論點。不過在討論某些有爭議性的問題時,就顯得有欠缺,因為我們必須在文章的開頭引出人們對要討論的問題的不同看法,然后再表明自己的觀點。下面就是專門針對爭議性論文的一種句型。

IV.When it comes to...,some people think /believe that...,others argue /claim that opposite /reverse is true.There is probably some truth in both arguments /statements,but...當說到??,有些人認為??,但另一些人則持相反的觀點??。這兩種觀點可能都有點道理,但??。 本結構先用when it comes to ...引出話題,再用some...others ...這個對立的結構引出了兩種相反的觀點,然后說There is some truth in both...表明嚴謹公正的態度,最后用but...很自然地引出了自己的論點。
英語三級寫作議論文常用句型 1. It is a fact that?. 2. It is well-known that?. 3. There is no doubt that?. 4. I think that?. 5. Contrary to the popular thought, I prefer?. 6. Some people say/believe/claim that?. 7. It is generally believed that?. 英語三級書信作文常用句型 I am writing to you in the hope that you could do me a favor to improve the horrible situation. 2. I would like some detailed information on/about?. 3. I would be grateful if you could let me have details of ?. 4. I am writing to request some necessary information about?. 5. I am greatly concerned about?. 6. My appreciation to you for your generous help is beyond words. I wish I could repay it one day. 7. Thank you very much for the kindness you showed me during?. 8. It is my pleasure/a great honor for me to extend an invitation to/invite you to?.


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