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參加運動俱樂部英語作文【篇一:體育運動英語作文一】 體育運動英語作文一:體育運動有益身心健康 the advantage of sports recently, more and more people stay at home watching tv and surfing the internet, which leads to obesity and even get serious illness. 最近,越來越多的人呆在家里看電視、上網,所以導致肥胖甚至更嚴重的疾病。 this is no doubt that sport is good for our health. a person who takes exercises regularly will keep fit. what’s more, exercise can make you well-behaved and confident. if you usually take exercise with your friends, you will be close to them. after all, sports can make your life more colorful. 毫無疑問,運動對我們的健康有好處。人經常運動可以保持身體健康。
畢竟,運動可以使你的生活更加豐富多彩。 nothing is more important than doing sports. its time to take actions to stay away from the tv and computer and to take part in sport activities. 沒有什么比運動更重要。是時候采取行動遠離電視,電腦和參加體育活動了。
宅云视频app 體育運動英語作文二:體育熱情 the enthusiasm for sports though pe class is a part of children’s education, many teenagers didn’t form the habit of doing exercise, they don’t have interest in sports. enthusiasm for sports is of great importance, young people should treat it as their integral part of education. 雖然體育課是孩子教育的一部分,很多青少年沒有形成體育鍛煉的習慣,他們對體育沒有興趣。體育熱情很重要,年輕人應該把它當成他們教育的一部分。 on the one hand, promoting enthusiasm for sports among teenagers helps them keep a healthy lifestyle. in the school, students are forced to take exercise in the pe class, they need to join certain activities. in this way, students live in a healthy

lifestyle, they won’t get sick easily. but after they leaving school, no one forces them to do so, so they are lazy to take exercise, their bodies gets weaker. 一方面,促進青少年對體育的熱情有助于他們保持健康的生活方式。在學校,學生被強迫在體育課上鍛煉,他們需要參加一定的活動。這樣一來,學生保持健康的生活方式,他們不會輕易生病。但是他們離開學校以后,沒有人強迫他們鍛煉,因此他們懶得鍛煉,身體變得虛弱。關于體育運動英語作文4篇關于體育運動英語作文4篇。 on the other hand, the enthusiasm for sports can help students enhance their sense of teamwork. as we known, most sports need more than one person to do, like badminton and table tennis, these sports needs more than two people. when students are playing badminton, they need to cooperate, so that they can defeat others, if they just keep an eye on themselves, they game can’t be played. doing these sports will bring students the sense of teamwork, which is important for their career. 另一方面,對體育的鍛煉可以幫助學生加強他們的團體合作感。
做這些運動可以給學生帶來合作感,這對他們將來的職業很重要。 people should keep the habit of taking exercise, the sound body ensures better future. enthusiasm for sports can make people feel it a happiness to take exercise. 人們應該養成鍛煉的好習慣,健康的身體才能確保美好的將來。
體育運動英語作文三:體育鍛煉的好處 the advantages of doing physical exercises as the proverb goes, “no one knows the value of health until he loses it.” from this, we know that health is very important to everybody. but how to keep fit? many people believe that sports can offer people health and pleasure. as far as i concern, i think doing physical exercises have lots of advantages. 有句諺語這樣說:“沒人會在意健康的價值,直到失去了它”。

就我看來,我認為多做體育運動有很多好處。 first of all, doing exercises in the morning will refresh my body as well as give me a good appetite to eat my breakfast. what’s more, the air in the morning is really fresh and clean, so i can keep my mind clear and sound in the class. by doing physical every day i can keep my mind alert that i can finish my tasks in time. if i do not do any physical exercise, i will feel tired and my body becomes quite sluggish. during the night, i may find it becomes harder to fall asleep. second, doing exercises everyday will help me to mound a better personality. it takes time and patient to do exercises. sometimes i just want to give up, but my friends encourage me to carry on, then i feel a lot of satisfaction. doing physical exercises makes me stronger and healthier. that’s my personal experience. 首先,早上做運動會讓我精力充沛,有個好的胃口吃早餐。更重要的是,早晨的空氣干凈清新,這樣我就能在課堂上保持一顆清醒的頭腦了。
as a student, sports are indispensable. you can pick up your favorite sport and do it every day. only in this way, you can have both pleasure and a healthy body. 作為一個學生,運動必不可少。你可以選擇你最喜歡的運動,每天都鍛煉。只有這樣,你才能從中收獲健康和快樂。
體育運動英語作文四:鍛煉身體的重要性 the importance of physical exercise everyone hopes to live happily in the world. physical exercise is indispensable to a happy life. there is a famous saying: life lies on exercise. although you will not necessarily die without regular physical exercises, theyll certainly help you live longer and more healthily. 每個人都希望幸福地生活在這個世界上。

exercise is good for us to build our bodies. it helps coordinate the different parts of our bodies when we have sports. for example, we must try our best to coordinate the movements of the arms and legs when we play basketball, or we wont be able to shoot the basket. exercise also benefits our organs. it lets the heart beat faster than usual, and then helps enlarge the blood vessels to protect us from heart attacks. 鍛煉對我們的身體很好。運動的時候能夠幫助我們 協調身體的各個部分, 例如,打籃球的時候我們必須盡力使手腳協調,否則我們不會投中籃。
它讓心跳比平時快,然后幫助擴大血管來預防心臟病。 exercise can also contribute to the development of our ability to response agilely. for instance, when you play table- tennis, you must try to reflect as quickly as you can so that you may fight back at the right position at the fight moment. 運動也有助于提高我們的反應能力。
例如,打乒乓球時你必須要快速反映,這樣你才可以在正確位置反擊。 exercise can also contribute to improving our mood. when you do exercise, you move a lot, and you have to be more active. it helps you become more optimistic. 運動也有助于改善我們的心情。
做了運動,活動多了,你也會變得更活躍。它可以幫助你變得更加樂觀。 exercise will fill your life with various contents and make it more colorful. 鍛煉會使你的生活變得豐富多彩。 whats more, exercise will help you get rid of your inertia. if you keep doing exercise regularly, you will never be a lazy person. therefore, exercise has great effect on ones character. 而且運動可以幫助你擺脫你的惰性。如果你經常鍛煉,你永遠都不會成為一個懶惰的人。因此,運動對一個人的性格有很大的影響。
in a word, exercise is helpful, important and absolutely necessary. 總之,運動是很有用,很重要,當然也是很有必要的。
宅云视频app【篇二:初中一年級英語作文:我的俱樂部類型(my club type)】 my club type is sports(我的俱樂部類型是運動).i like to play different kinds of sports(我喜歡做不同種類的運動),like basketball(例如籃球),football(足球),swimming and so

on(游泳等等).but my favourite sport is ping-pong(但我最喜歡的運動是游泳).after class or school(在下課或放學),i often play ping-pong with my friends(我經常和我的朋友打乒乓球).ping-pong can make me healthy and make me active(乒乓球可以使我健康并且使我活躍).it can also exercise my mind(它也能鍛煉我的頭腦),i think(我認為). i make new friends by playing ping-pong,too(我也結交新朋友打乒乓球).
【篇三:英語作文 住房】 住房問題是密切相關的人口。在中國的一些大城市,現在擁擠的人口不斷增加。當然,發生的最嚴重的問題之一是住房。
所有這些因素導致住房問題的壓力。 已經提出了各種解決方案。但似乎是一個每個解決方案的缺點。傳統的有需要的人士的住宅分配,增加政府的負擔,而支付的分配帶來的平均男子平等的負擔。運動可緩解內城到郊區的城鎮居民住房問題,而是上升到一個交通問題。我認為最好的解決辦法是把控制人口出生率。但是,我們仍然有很長的路要走。
due to the air pollution and the heavy traffic,i had the dream to live in the peach resort several years ago. i think many people have such dream in their heart just like tao yuanming’s peach garden----the perfect and quiet living environment. however, i have to change my opinion according to the reality. considering job and daily life, big cities are better choices, where you can see many vehicles, many skyscrapers, and many people with a hurry pace of life. nowadays, more and more people want to live there because they see many advantages. indeed, in a big city, people can have the best chances to work as well as can enjoy the better service, shopping and entertainment. in a big city, people can take the chances to study and work best. there are many good universities for you to choose. there

you can express your ability to study what you like. moreover, it is also easier to find chances to get a good job with good salary, which is quite difficult in small cities or countryside. in addition, in a big city you can feel convenient. you dont have to be worried if you are sick because you can find good hospitals for you. when we retire, countryside will be the best choice to enjoy the slow pace of life. to sum up, living in a big city has many advantages. meanwhile, we should try our best to overcome all difficulties such as keen competition, polluted environment and so on 由于空氣污染和交通堵塞,我夢想生活在世外桃源景區幾年前。我想很多人都有這樣的夢想在心里就像陶淵明的桃花源——完美的和安靜的生活環境。 然而,我不得不改變我的意見根據現實。 考慮工作和日常生活,大城市是更好的選擇,在那里你可以看到很多車輛,許多摩天大樓,和許多人匆忙的生活節奏。如今,越來越多的人想住在那里,因為他們看到許多優點。事實上,在大城市,人們可以有最好的機會去工作以及可以享受更好的服務,購物和娛樂。 在大城市,人們可以獲得最好的機會來學習和工作。有許多好的大學供你選擇。
在那里你可以表達你的能力來研究你喜歡什么。此外,也更容易找到機會以獲得一份好工作和不錯的薪水,這是很困難的在小城市或農村。此外,在大城市你可以感到方便。你不必擔心你生病,因為你可以找到好的醫院給你。 當我們退休,農村將是最好的選擇去享受生活的步伐緩慢。 總之,生活在大城市有很多好處。
宅云视频app與此同時,我們應該試試 我們最好的克服所有的困難如激烈的競爭中,污染環境等等 the most striking/conspicuous/attractive/obvious feature that impresses me deeply is that ---never before in history has the issue/phenomenon has been more evident than now.(倒裝句) i deem(認為,視作;相信)/to find the reasons for an emerging phenomenon which involves several complicated factors is far from an easy task. the varied reasons for ________ are not readily definable.people can and quite often do,attribute them to(把??歸因于)________.in my view, considering job and daily life,downtown areas are better choices, where you can see many transportations, many tall buildings, and many

宅云视频apppeople with a hurry pace of life. in a downtown areas , you can express your ability, to study what you ys, more and more people want to live there. because they can enjoy the better service, shopping and entertainment. when we retire, countryside will be the best choice to enjoy the slow pace of life. to sum up, living in a downtown areas has many advantages. meanwhile同時, we should try our best to overcome all difficulties such as keen competition, polluted environment/pollution and so on however,the fact of the matter is that the root causes for most problems go much deeper.years of observing human behavior has enabled me to strongly count that the main cause results from ___________ in view of the seriousness(重要性、嚴重性)of the problem,it is principal/central/focal(首要的/核心的/焦點的)to take drastic measure to tackle(解決)it.the first way to cope with is to appeal to the administration to work out/fashion(制定/改革)laws and regulations.besides,concerted efforts should be taken to eliminate the negative influence of ____________. as for people,they should nurture/foster/develop/cultivate consciousness to resist________ /alertness to _________________ the methodology(方法)suggested may not guarantee ultimate success,but the eventual pay-off could be worth the effort. achieving even partial success will benefit mankind and contribute to creating a better world. 住房話題參考閱讀文章 “to buy or to rent”, that is a question about living for most young people who just graduated from university or who have worked for one or two years in big cities. many people see it as a torturing choice and feel weak in face of it. sub-topics: one will choose or have you chosen。 why。 sion: the advantages and disadvantages of buying a house and renting a house. ‘s your expectation about the realty market in the coming 10 years。

宅云视频app millions of americans have been unable to pay the mortgage on their houses and have had to leave them. many are now renting, but are finding it difficult financially owning your home was once part of the american dream. but that dream has faded because of the economic recession in the united states. millions of americans have been unable to pay the mortgage on their houses and have had to leave them. without a home of their own, many people are now renting, but this also can be difficult financially. until recently, brenda ganaway lived in a home of her own in alexandria, virginia, a suburb close to washington, d.c. but then the economic crisis hit and she was unable to keep paying the mortgage on her house. “we were behind on a few payments and we couldn’t get a loan anywhere, so they just immediately foreclosed it and told us we had a certain amount of days to leave,” she explained. there are millions of people like brenda ganaway in america now. raphael bostic is the assistant secretary at the u.s. department of housing and urban development, or hud. he says the number of americans who own their homes is steadily dropping. “the homeownership rate in the united states used to be somewhere close to 70 percent. we‘ve fallen off by several million households now,” he said. “and so the rate is down considerably. and a lot of those have now gone into the rental market.” renting does have some advantages over home ownership. if a renter wants to move, for example, he does not have to worry about finding a buyer for the house. yazgul odekova manages a rental property in alexandria. she says the major reason people rent is that it is usually less expensive than owning a home. “people rent for different reasons. number one is affordability,” she said. “it is cheaper to rent and it is risk-free.” renting is cheaper for many reasons, says arun shu. he is an international businessman who rents a home near washington. he says there are many costs to owning a house besides paying the monthly mortgage. “if you decide to buy a house, a lot of expenses are involved. not only payment if you take a

mortgage, but also you have to pay property tax, maintenance and upkeep of the house,” he said. “you probably will want to spend some money on renovating the house, remodeling parts of the house if you buy [a] used house.” but even renting can be difficult in today’s market, especially in big cities. danilo pelletiere is an official at the national low income housing coalition. he says there just are not enough homes to rent and poor people are the most affected. “in the united states there has been a focus both at the local level and a national level on home ownership. that affected renters, low-income people and the like and a result you have shortage of three million units of affordable housing for lowest income people,” he said. even if a house is available, mr. pelletiere says, being able to pay for it is another problem. to afford the rent, he says, many poor people work more than one job. “today you need multiple minimum wage jobs to be able to afford a two-bedroom apartment,” he added. “we calculated about $$18 an hour.” even if a person can afford the rent there are other obstacles. yazgul odekova, the property manager in alexandria, says most people just do not meet the necessary qualifications, such as being able to prove they can afford the rental payments. “right now from every 10 application we turned down nine. it is not just because people are dishonest. sometimes people have big medical bills, sometimes people have bankruptcy, because suddenly they became sick and don‘t have health insurance. sometimes peoples’ income is very low, sometimes it is unstable relationship between people,” odekova said. hud‘s raphael bostic says the u.s. government has programs to help low-income families pay the rent. “we provide direct subsidy where we try to make sure that families are not overly burdened [so we don’t wanna go over that 30 percent ratio], but that they can get into some decent high-quality housing,” bostic said.

but most analysts agree that until the u.s. economy improves, buying a home or renting one will be especially hard for low-income people.


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